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 Vittoria is coming from a very specific Italian cultural background. Born in Napoli and having the opportunity to travel and live around Europe since a young age, she's always been interested in societies, their acceptable standards, and how they effect the individuals who inhabit them. She prefers photographing subjects over a long period of time, as she believes in the importance of having a wider background and understanding upon a subject, but also, she likes to depict and give to the viewer her momentary interpretation of any kind of social event, from political protests, music festivals, and fashion shows, to travels. Vittoria has always found the technicality of Analogue photography fascinating and never tiring. Altogether with the competence assimilated while working for two of the busiest photolabs in London and a very famous camera retailing company, Vittoria is an autonomous photographer as well as an able connoisseur of both Film and Digital Photography.

At the moment she's currently freelancing between the UK and Italy. 




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