Vittoria Vitale was born in Italy in 1995. Coming from Naples and having the opportunity to travel around Europe since a young age, she's always been interested in societies and how they effect the singles. She prefers either long term projects, as she believes in the importance of having a wider background and understanding upon a subject, and also she likes to depict and give to the viewer her interpretation of any kind of social event, like protests or social events. Vittoria has always found the technicality of Analogue photography fascinating and never tiring. She doesn't prefer to alter the image as she thinks photography is such a powerful medium, it can talk for itself.
At the moment she's undertaking her third year of Photography (BA Hons) at the University for The Creative Arts in Rochester.

From January until April 2019, Vittoria along with her fellow university friends, held an exhibition at the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham showing her project called :"The Invincibles".




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